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Women’s Only Boot Camp

Our unique fat loss program is designed to help you live a healthy and fit lifestyle while making positive changes in your life that will last you a life time.

Not only do you get awesome fat blasting workout routines, but our Chandler boot camp fitness trainers are here to help you with other key areas that affect your lifestyle.

Our primary focus at our Body Envy Fitness Boot Camps is for you to see and experience results.

We provide detailed accountability e-mails, a lean body blueprint for recipe ideas, a quick start nutritional guide & cheat sheet and our nutritional manual along with monthly measurements for you to use as tools to help you track your fat loss progress on your way to achieving the fat loss results you want.

When you incorporate proper nutrition with our Body Envy Fitness boot camp sessions, you’re going to see results by way of a toned, lean, sleek new body. Not only will you look better, you will feel better about yourself and gain confidence in the way you carry yourself.

Body Envy Fitness Boot Camps will help you to:


  • Get stronger while boosting your metabolism which in turn helps you to burn calories even at rest.
  • Improve your fitness capacity beyond what your current fitness level is. Even if you have never worked out before, everything we do is coached and scaled to your fitness level.
  • Enhance and improve your core by following a specific program designed to help you achieve flat abs without doing hundreds of floor crunches.
  • Look and feel leaner with more toned and shapely muscles by following our fat loss nutritional methods in our unique Body Envy boot camp nutritional guide.
  • Most importantly you will have fun working out being motivated by other women who are there with the same goals in mind as you.

Why Become A Member Of Our Fitness Community?


  • Boot Camps available From 5:30am To 7:30pm
  • Four Saturday morning workout sessions available.
  • Sixty-Eight (68) sessions offered 6 days per week
  • Value + Affordability + Results…as low as $99 per month
  • Step-By-Step nutritional blueprint for maximum results!
  • NEVER THE SAME, Fun, Fat melting, Muscle toning workouts!
  • Huge INDOOR location just off Loop 202 and Cooper.
  • 13 Daily Times to Attend…No More Missed Workouts!
  • Supportive community of personal trainers, staff and women to help support you!
  • “Max Results” fat loss and fitness newsletter.
  • Unlimited email and phone coaching for maximum support!
  • FREE AM and PM Kids Play Center for greater convenience.
  • All memberships are unlimited to attend 6 days per week!
  • RESULTS…because that’s what you want!