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Top Ten TIPS To Drop 85lbs!

Now, I know you all don’t need to lose 85lbs, but I wanted to share an inspiring story with you about a gal named Margie.

Here’s the low-down on her beginning stats…

She’s 34…   She’s 5’4” tall…  Weighed 205lbs…


After eating and exercising properly as I’ll explain… she lost the equivalent of 340 sticks of butter!!!


Now she’s still 34…   She’s still 5”4” tall… and NOW weighs 120lbs…


“Yep, she lost 85lbs and this is how she did it.”


As she puts it…“I grew up with a passion for bread and sweets”.  After getting nowhere with step aerobics and every diet known to man…she dedicated herself to getting in shape.  As she put it…


“I had Enough and I was tired of being overweight!”


Here’s what she did to drop her weight…Margie’s beginning weekly exercise schedule:

M– Run and weights

T-Run and weights

W-Run and weights

Th– High Intensity Intervals

F– Run and weights

Sa– Run and weights

Su– Off

After she dropped all the way down from 205lbs to 120lbs, she backed off all the running and only does cardio/intervals on Thursday’s.  That’s right…only one day of cardio. 

BUT, it took her months of running and weight training 6 days per week to get to that point first.

The main part of her story that I want to share with you is how she ate and continues to eat.  I think you’ll have a “say-what!” moment, but it’s something I’ve mentioned time and time again.  So remember…she started at 205lbs and transformed herself into 120lbs of lean muscle. 

So here’s her eating plan that allowed her to lose 85lbs and get washboard abs…

Meal 1 :

* Omelet (1 “omega-3” egg and ½ cup egg whites with spinach, mushrooms and peppers)

* ½ cup oatmeal

* Fruit

Meal 2:

* Protein Shake (protein powder, berries, yogurt, ground flax seeds, greens+)

Meal 3:

* Spinach salad with Chicken and veggies

* Dressing (1 tsp olive oil, lemon juice, pepper)

* Fruit

Meal 4:

* Cottage cheese and protein powder

* Almonds

* Fruit

* Veggies (carrots, broccoli, cauliflower)

Post Workout (on workout days):

* Whey protein drink (protein and berries)

Meal 5:

* Lean Meat (turkey, chicken, beef, fish)

* Spinach or grilled or steamed veggies

* Sweet potato

Any idea what the calories amount to?


That’s right…2200 calories and she lost a heap of body fat and increased her muscle at the same time.  Literally a transformation!

If you’ve taken my suggestion and budgeted the calories you need each day, you’d simply take 10, 11 or 12 and multiply that with your body weight to get your approximate caloric figure. So, if you weigh 150lbs, you need an approximate daily caloric intake of 1500-1800 to start with.

As you put on muscle, you’ll actually be able to increase that amount as your body will be burning calories at a much faster rate. Unfortunately, I see a lot of women making the same mistake and drastically cutting calories for weeks and weeks on end. As you noticed, she has a nice lean portion of protein as the main staple in each of her meals, her carbs come from fruits and vegetables (nothing from a bag or box), and she eats approximately every 4 hours or so.

Couple that with at least 5 weekly hours of “intense”exercise and she’s accomplished what many women “think” about accomplishing.

 Margie’s Top 10 Tips:

 Tip #1 – Stay inspired!  Use quotes and phrases and plaster them everywhere you are.  She likes the quote:

“The Pain of Regret Outweighs the Pain of Discipline” (I love that one!!)

Tip #2 – Get a Trainer (I like that one!)

Tip #3 – Be prepared.  Don’t leave home without knowing the what, when and where you’ll be eating.

Tip #4 – Be willing to sacrifice. Yes, it takes time to prepare your meals, but the payoff is well worth it. You’ll never be caught having to  make a bad food choice.

Tip #5 – If you fall off your plan and have a cookie, so what. Get over it and start right back on your plan.

Tip #6 – Cheat a little.  Have a cheat meal 2 or 3 times per week. Good times to have a cheat meal are before or after your workout.

 Tip #7 – Do it for yourself.  Not anyone else.

Tip #8 – Make it a lifestyle, not a diet.

Tip #9 – Set goals.  Each time you reach one, set a new one.

Tip #10 – Don’t be afraid to EAT!  I eat 2,200 calories each day and look fabulous.  Eat healthy…protein, fruits and veggies.

I couldn’t have said it better myself!

Leave a comment with your goal and what your daily meals and activity look like to support achieving that goal.  C’mon…put a little pressure on yourself and let’s see you share it!

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