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By Eric Gelder · August 8, 2013 · Category: Tags: , , , , .


“…there is no room to fail!”


“Let me start by saying you are amazing in fact so amazing that I’m terrified to go but…. I am committed myself to the 8 week challenge so that I can be accountable to both myself and my teammates and after the 8 week challenge I’ll feel stronger and mentally more prepared to reach my goal in record time .

I think accountability is so important to keep me on track and you offer that and so much more. Your workouts are amazing they push you to limits I didn’t think were possible. It’s been a rough two years for me and massive amounts of stress in my life.

I joined Body Envy back in October to get back in to shape after the first year of chaos and the first night I tore my meniscus. No one’s fault but myself for the fact that two days earlier seriously out of shape, my daughter takes me to hike Camelback mountain for the first time.

Well, now were almost one year later and I’m signed up for unlimited and ready to try it again. I’ve only been there in the evenings and a couple of times since joining last month. I’m fairly new but you make it very clear from day one several things.

1. You personally came and introduced yourself and made sure to find out what my name was. Most gyms could care less but this isn’t a gym it’s honestly personal training at it’s best.

2. You always offer alternate workouts if we have an injury or just not at that level yet. When I thought I couldn’t do something I was instantly encouraged to do my best and not feel bad. He painted a beautiful picture of how I’ll gradually progress back to where I was before all the stress in my life took over.

3. You never made me feel ashamed or bad for not being in top shape.

4. You have so many different exercises and pieces of equipment it’s never the same routine twice and I’m working muscles I didn’t know I had.

I could go on and on but I’ve belonged to several gyms in the past and I believe that with all the tools you offer with the diet and exercise there is no room to fail!

– Renee Burgin