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By Copter Labs · May 3, 2013 · Category: Tags: , , , , .

“Boot Camp is definitely the FUNNEST way I’ve found to workout!”



kristi-mcpolandI ‘ABS’-olutely love Body Envy Fitness more than any other workout/fitness program that is available anywhere. Hands down, it is the best place to workout, meet new people, and get help with any fitness goals you want to achieve.

I have had 4 kids, and I never ever thought I could lose ALL that weight, especially with the last one, whew. However, by being consistent and getting my workouts in, I have managed to be where I was before kids, but fitter, faster, and stronger.

It’s life changing, and I could never thank all the coaches and staff enough, for putting up with me for almost 6 years.

I love it, and like I’ve said before, I will be at Body Envy Fitness until I’m 90 years old. I’m addicted to boot camp 🙂

– Kristi McPoland