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By Eric Gelder · October 18, 2012 · Category: Tags: , , , , .

“I love this place…”

bifffive-400wGetting older is rough, but suffering with chronic muscle pain as I get older is NOT on my life’s agenda!!! When I started to suffer from major back pain and restless muscles in my legs and arms, the neurologist told me that I was OUT OF SHAPE!! What a wake up call!

My very good friend had been coming to Body Envy for years and finally convinced me to stop making excuses and get my behind signed up… Best Thing I Ever Did For Myself!!!

Since coming 3 days a week since January 2012, I have seen a DRAMATIC increase in energy, strength and fat loss, but most importantly for me I have strengthened my Core that my back pain has dramatically decreased!

I am pushed to a workout level at Body Envy that I never believed I could achieve. Every time I attend Boot Camp, my confidence grows and the inches on my body become fewer and fewer. I love how we’re encouraged to continue to make new goals for ourselves with the 8 week challenges.

Although I don’t have as much to lose as many others and may never be a winner during a challenge, I still push myself as if I were working toward the Grand Prize!

I love this place and am thankful that Eric, Jordan and the Body Envy Team make our daily workout experiences so worthwhile. 🙂

– Alma Vasquez-Alvarado