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Nothing Worth Achieving is Ever Easy!

By Eric Gelder · July 19, 2011 · Category: Motivation Tags: , , , .

The ability to overcome obstacles and work through times of self doubt, that’s what makes us grow. It’s called PERSEVERANCE!

Making a commitment to yourself to get in shape is the first step, and not always the easiest one. It’s not enough to say, “I’m going to get in shape”…that lacks emotion and does little in the way of committing yourself.

Commitment to anything requires…

“Emotionally evoked deliberate action steps towards your goals!”

As I always mention, there has to come a time when you pledge to yourself that you’re making a COMMITMENT to exercise and nutrition. Not only for the sake of losing weight, but for your health. If you’re prone to missing your workouts, that’s not conducive to seeing any results. You have to build some momentum towards your goals!

All you have to do is look at those that have and are still seeing results each and every month. I’m talking about women that continue to average 5-10lb wdailyeight losses and 2-3% drops in body fat each and every month.

How do they do it?

They’ve COMMITED themselves to attending boot camp every single day they’re scheduled to be there.  They follow our fat loss nutrition manuals and they ask when they have questions.

Are there days they don’t feel like coming, absolutely!  BUT, that doesn’t mean they hit the snooze button and drip off back to sleep. They’ve committed themselves and it’s now become part of their everyday routine, just like brushing their teeth.

Believe me, I know life can be hectic at times. That’s where planning and your commitment to working towards your goals comes into play. I know everyone has it in them to achieve great things,  so just stay committed.

Two tips on staying committed:

goals-notebook#1: Write in a notebook every thing you eat and drink.  Nutrition is one of the biggest hurdles to get over. This can be very eye opening when you go back and re-read it.  It will allow you to hold yourself accountable to everything you put into your mouth. Remember, we need to break poor eating habits. We form those habits, but what we really need to do is RE-FORM our bodies, and it starts by what goes into them.

#2: Write down some reachable goals. What steps can you take to get there?  Getting in top physical shape doesn’t happen over night, people tend to bail out when there are no instant results so plan to be patient and consistent.

Good things come to those who commit and persevere!

What has helped you accomplish your goals and stay committed…leave a comment.

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