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My Top 6 Fat Melting Secrets…

I’m sure you can relate…

When I stand in line at the store waiting to put my stuff up on the belt, I can’t help but read all the headlines of the magazines.


I don’t know, maybe it’s because I always have an eye for advertisements and catchy copy because I like that kind of stuff or maybe it’s just for pure entertainment. Anyway, what was funny, and I guess kind of ironic, was that I really didn’t see any fitness or health mags with all their typical “Lose 30lbs in 30 days” headlines.

So, being that I couldn’t swipe one from a magazine and use it here (kidding), I thought I’d make my own today and give you my…


“#1 Best Selling Fat Loss Author Reveals His
Top 6 Fat Melting Secrets


It has a good ring to it, right 🙂

OK, kidding aside…let’s move on to my Top 6 Fat Melting Secrets.

—>>> Fat Melting Secret #1

Replace all your liquid calories (soda, juice, alcohol, sugary drinks) with either Water, Black Coffee and/or Green Tea (no sugar). That’s an easy one and will immediately cut your intake of sugars, toxins and unnecessary calories.

 **** Ditch The Liquid Calories ****


—>>> Fat Melting Secret #2

Increase your vegetable intake. Don’t give me the…”I don’t like vegetables, they’re gross” spiel.  You’re all grown now.

Spend a few minutes and a few dollars in the produce section and you’ll find something you can eat consistently.  Not only will they keep you full, but they provide a HUGE amount of antioxidants. They’re also extremely nutritiously dense and low in calories that you’ll probably start losing weight just by eating more.

If you’re only at a couple servings per day right now, just start adding in more each week until you’re up to 6 or more daily servings.

Like the V8 commercials say…it does a body good!  And no, drinking your vegetables a-la V8, no bueno.

 **** Eat More Vegetables ****

—>>> Fat Melting Secret #3

Replace processed “carbs” with almonds and other healthy nuts, seeds and fat selections like:



~Macadamia Nuts

~Flax Seeds



~Coconut Oil

Just be conscious of your intake as the calories from fats can add up very fast.  Add them to salads or put them in your shakes.  There’s lots of ways to add healthy fats without going overboard.

 **** Replace Processed Carbs With Healthy Fats ****

—>>> Fat Melting Secret #4

Perform FULL body exercise, not isolation exercises. Big-Calorie burning exercise like variations of Squats, Lunges, Presses, Rows, Push-Ups, Full body Ab exercises and put them into a circuit.

Yes, we do these at boot camp, but I wanted to reiterate it as it’s one of my Fat Melting Secrets.  If you don’t think Sit-Ups, Squat Presses, Rainbows or any of the other exercise we perform at camp are “Full Body,”  then you need to focus a little more on the exercise.

90%+ of the exercises we perform at camp fall into the “Full Body” category, so focus on getting your entire body involved and you’ll be rewarded with less body fat and a stronger body!

 **** Perform FULL Body Exercises ****

—>>> Fat Melting Secret #5

Build Your Strength. When you train to get stronger, your body has maximal metabolic output…take my word for it. AND, when you’re stronger, you’re able to perform more exercise in less time.  More Exercise in less time means better results.  So always be striving to get stronger by doing more in less time, using more resistance or performing more repetitions.  There’s a reason it’s called…

**** Progressive Resistance Weight Training ****

—>>> Fat Melting Secret #6

Stop long duration cardio and perform INTERVALS. It’s not only more time effective, but results effective. One thing to always keep in mind with exercise is that the more challenging it is, the more your metabolism is working and having to adapt.  The more challenging the adaptation, the more effective it is.

Cruising through a 5 mile run is not only hard on your body (joints), but less effective for losing fat than performing 30 second sprints on a track, in a park, on a treadmill, bike, rower, etc.

The longest you’d want to make an interval for the purpose of effectively increasing your metabolism is 90 seconds and most often 60 seconds or less is optimal. It’s not about the “Time,”  it’s about the EFFORT.

SO, you can either go long and easy or short and hard…and short and hard is where it’s at!!

*One item to note….I’m not advocating you stop running for distance or walking if you enjoy it and find it therapeutic, but it’s not the most effective means to fat loss. We’re talking about the biggest BANG for the amount of time involved and intervals are a superior form of activity for fat loss.

**** Intervals Over Long Duration Cardio ****

So there you go…my Top 6 Fat Melting Secrets (…ok, not really secrets)

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