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7 Keys to Killer Fat Loss Results!

By Eric Gelder · July 12, 2011 · Category: Motivation Tags: , , , , .

There are a few things I want to REALLY help you understand so YOU don’t make the same mistakes I see time and time again!

If you’ve ever wondered why you can’t drop weight even though you do cardio all the time…you’re in for some intriguing info. Many women have succumbed to the practice of doing more cardio, more cardio and even more cardio. All without the fat loss they were hoping for. There’s a reason their fat loss was lame and it has to do with three main contricadio-cartoonbutors that involve calories.

Here’s why long “steady state” aerobic activity is inferior to an interval based fat loss approach.

 1) Calories burned during exercise

You’ll burn more calories from performing at a higher exertion level than you will with a low intensity…duh, right. Intervals typically incorporate an effort level above 80% with a recovery period below 30%.  Basically, work at 80% or more of your effort level for a particular exercise, then back it off to around 30% or less. Keep alternating high/low. This approach to cardio was promoted heavily in the Body For Life program and for good reason, it flat out works. You’re probably saying…ok, burn more calories by working harder.  That’s pretty obvious.

BUT….This is the not so obvious part.

 2) Calories burned after exercise

An interval approach to cardio has been shown to increase post exercise caloric expenditure for up to 36 hours.  Long duration has NOT.  How would you like to burn more calories over the next 36 hour period just by changing the type of cardio you perform?

(Are you raising your hand?!)

 3) Long duration cardio can waste away your lean muscle mass

When that happens, you burn fewer calories all day long.  The less muscle you have the fewer calories you burn.  The more you have, the faster your metabolism becomes.  Shorter intervals of cardio (especially resistance infused intervals) actually promote lean muscle mass whereas long duration produces hormones that tear down your muscle tissue…again, not a favorable action if fat loss is your goal. Now don’t take this the wrong way and think you’re going to get “Schwarzenegger” muscles.

It Won’t happen! 

By putting your body in the most optimal situation to lose fat, you’re actually promoting an environment for your body to preserve and potentially build lean muscle mass which is a good thing! Ok, enough about cardio.

Let’s talk about five fundamentals you need to adhere to in order to realize your fat loss goals. red-down-pointing-arrows

Here we go with my 5 “Must Do” fundamentals for Fat Loss…

 1) Take responsibility for your actions!

You either follow a plan or you haphazardly approach your fat loss.  Either you put the right food in your mouth to support your fat loss efforts or you don’t.  You either get your scheduled daily activity in or you CHOOSE not to.  See where I’m going?  It’s a choice and your choices impact whether or not you’re going to realize your fat loss goals or see ZIPPO for results!

 2)  Limit starchy carbohydrates to your post exercise period

Limit starchy carbs like potato, oatmeal, whole grain bread, whole wheat pasta to the few hours right after you’ve exercised. It’s at that particular time that you’re body wants and needs additional sugar to help restore and recover from your exercise session.  Other than that time “window”, they’re really not needed…so keep that top of mind.

 3)  Eat more vegetables (and a little fruit)!

Low sugar fruits like berries, oranges, apples and plums eaten in moderation are important.  Forget the people who say fruit is bad for you.  Anything consumed over and above what is necessary isn’t a good thing, but fruit can be part of a successful fat loss program.  So eat a small piece of fruit with 1-2 of your daily meals….preferably early in the day as fruit does contain a fair amount of sugar. I could go on and on about the benefits of vegetables,  but I’ll save it and just tell you to get some with as many meals as you can. That’s all you need to know about vegetables….just eat them and do it often!

Enough said.

 4) Increase the intensity of your exercise!

Stop doing crossword puzzles as your daily exercise and exert yourself.  You not only feel better, but look a heck of lot better too.  That I can pinky swear on! 😉

You just might be surprised how much you actually like the results of training harder!

 5)  To Supplement or Not?  YES…do it!

Here are the main 3-4 we suggest our clients take on a daily basis…

#1 – Multi vitamin/mineral

Nothing mega dosage level…just normal amounts.  We recommend Prograde Nutrition as your source for your multi.

#2 – EFA’s 

There are many benefits to taking essential fats. Do your research, but not taking is something we advise our clients NOT to do if their goal is to be healthier, leaner and more fit!  Again, we recommend Prograde Nutrition for your EFA’s as well.

#3 – Protein

If you can’t get the optimal levels for fat loss each day, then use a protein powder.  Use it in your shakes, in your oatmeal, cottage cheese or power pudding (delicious).  However you choose to get it in, you need to get a good portion at each of your meals.

#4 – Fiber

Not really a “have to” supplement, but one that can help aid in elimination and help to keep your GI tract efficient…which is ALWAYS a good thing!

Ok, here are 7 key items I want you to take from this post…

1) Exercise Intensely with Weights.

 2) Perform cardio intervals equally as often as your longer cardio days.

 3) Eat every 4 hours or so (4-5 daily meals is plenty).

 4) Up your vegetables and add in some low sugar fruit.

 5) Limit “starchy” carbs to the few hours after you’ve exercised.

6) Get rid of the “Head Trash” and take responsibility for your actions!

 7) Invest in yourself and your health.  Be it taking a few supplements, buying organic or investing in some home workout equipment or personal training.

 These are core to any successful fat loss program.  Do these at least 90% of the time or more each day and you’ll accomplish your fat loss goals in a jiffy!

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