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Is It In YOU?

successI believe most people already know how to get fit, lose body fat and ultimately get as healthy as they want to be.  Here’s the thing though – we just don’t stay motivated long enough to do it. Crazy, right!

We want something and we want it BAD, yet we don’t stick with it long enough to achieve it. Why is that?

The answer comes down to having the desire and knowing WHY you’re doing it. As human beings we will do anything, sometimes some flat out crazy stuff, just to get what we want. But it’s only when we want it enough and know why we want it that we’ll do that crazy stuff.

So ask yourself…am I willing to do a, b, c in order to get to x, y, z AND why?

If you answered YES, then stop delaying and start doing.  Take one step towards getting it accomplished, then another and another until you’ve reached your desired outcome.

If the answer is no, then that’s totally cool too. You don’t have to be “all in” to still pursue your fitness.  Just know this…the more you look for the “secret” answer or wait until the timing is right, the longer you’ll be putting off getting started and the more frustrated and distant you’ll become from your ideal body and fitness level.

Yes, it’s cliche’, but fitness is a lifelong pursuit, not a destination.  Get started right now, today…not when the time, weather, situation or whatever is right.  There will never be a “right” time.  So push procrastination aside and get busy starting today!

Transforming your body can be so simple!

BUT, don’t confuse simple with being easy…it’s simple, not easy. Everyone wants to give you workout and nutrition “secrets” rather than the real truth to getting fit.

In the words of Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men: “You want the truth? You can’t handle the truth!!!”

Oh, but I think you can!

Let’s cover some of the core elements of getting you to the body and fitness level you want as quickly as possible without all the commercial BS you’re fed every single day on TV, in magazines and from those so called “gurus”.  Is some of it good info, sure…but far more of it is there to lead you down the path to pulling out your wallet for some concocted WONDER product, pill or potion.

I’ll leave that to the marketers and instead skip right to what matters and that’s laying out a few facts about getting your body toned, tightened and looking as sexy as you want it to be.  No fancy exercise gizmo, magic pill, slimming girdle or any othat nonsense, just some straightforward facts and the implied words that this actually requires you to be consistent and do something about getting to your goals.  Not relying on a wonder product.

With that said…here’s your FACTS.

FACT #1: You won’t lose fat unless you’re in a negative energy balance.

That means you have to either eat less than what your body requires each day or better yet, exercise more to create that caloric deficit.  A combination of the two is ideal, but I’d much rather see someone using exercise as their deficit creator than cutting calories too far back for extended periods of time. You can only cut calories so much before you’ll start sacrificing lean muscle and put a halt to any fat burning metabolism you may once had.

Are there other factors, sure.  Just know that if you’re eating more than your body requires…you’re NOT going to be losing anything, anytime soon.

FACT #2: Typical cardio isn’t the best way to change body composition.

Our bodies adapt to exercise pretty dang fast.  Long duration cardio is a catabolic (muscle wasting) activity.  As you may or may not know, muscle powers your metabolism. The more muscle you have on your body, the faster your body will burn calories.  Less muscle equals less calories burned. And by performing long bouts of cardio, your body tears down muscle tissue along with fat tissue.  Not an ideal situation, right.

The scale may show you’ve lost some weight, but your body fat percentage will most likely have gone up do to your decrease in lean muscle.  Make sense?

A better approach would be to include several days worth of resistance training (weight lifting) along with varying types of metabolic conditioning (long, short, combination, intervals, etc).

FACT #3:  Women HAVE to lift weights!

Increasing muscle tissue, to any substantial degree, is primarily a result of increased testosterone, growth hormone, IGF1, insulin, and genetics.  As you can see, it’s almost primarily a hormonal response. Women will not and do not increase muscle at rates even remotely close to that of males for this reason. If you’ve lifted weights in the past and “feel” like you were getting “bulky”…here’s what happened.

You weren’t losing any body fat (maybe even increasing it)! You were essentially increasing lean weight (bone density, muscle, intracellular fluid, glycogen levels, etc) and not losing any body fat. A pound of muscle takes up about a 1/3 less space than that of a pound of fat.  So, if you increased your muscle (lean weight) 5lbs and lost three pounds of fat, you’d see your scale weight up by two pounds, but you’ve actually decreased your body fat.

If you didn’t lose any body fat, then you’re looking at a 5lb increase on the scale…along with increases in circumference measurements.

It’s not that weight training was making you bulky…it’s from not being in a negative calorie balance like I talked about earlier.

“To permanently lose body fat, that is to take it off and keep it off, you HAVE to be patient. Rome wasn’t built in a day and nor were you.”

Perform quality strength training. Lose fat weight, not just weight for weight sake. The bathroom scale tells us very little other than the force of gravity on your body. The scale simply doesn’t tell us enough.

Now go have a great week and create a successful synergy between clean supportive eating, quality metabolic conditioning (cardio) and proper strength training. You can have the body, health and fitness that you want by applying what I talked about here with consistency and dedication.

It’s ALWAYS worth the effort!

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