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How To Create Balance and Still Achieve Results!

I’m going to perform my best Mr. Miyage impersonation for you…

“Our topic for today is one of balance my son.  Walk left side, safe. Walk right side, safe. Walk middle, sooner or later get squish just like grape.”

Ok, maybe not exactly the quote I wanted, but it’s always good to start a post with a movie quote 🙂

With the significance of today and the stresses of everyday life, we often get caught up in a “I Must do this” or “Else” type of mindset in regards to our fitness.

You see, starting a fat loss program often results in an “all or nothing” mentality. You swear to never eat processed junk food again, you promise yourself that you’ll follow your eating plan to the “T”, drink gallons of water, push yourself to work out non-stop in and day out, and lose those extra pounds once and for all…NO MATTER WHAT!

Whoa there Nelly…let’s take some deep breathes and find our balance.

Entering into any plan with such a rigid mentality can set you up for failure and is why this post is about finding balance and still getting the results you want from it.

Yes, planning is great.  I preach it all the time.  BUT, there has to be some “wiggle” room in there or you’ll be an emotional wreck, I promise you.

Let me ask you a couple quick questions…

#1 – How many times have you gone on a binge before starting a diet?  Pretty much eating every “bad” food you could possibly get into your mouth…just because you knew you wouldn’t be “allowed” to eat it again? (at least for a while anyway)

#2 – How many times have you eaten something that wasn’t on your plan and then “Boo-Hoo’d” yourself into oblivion that you just blew your entire diet?

See, the problem with such a rigid viewpoint about what is allowable and what isn’t is that it leads to frustration, anxiety and a host of other unsupportive feelings towards food.

Your chances of success are much greater if you instead strive for a sense of balance, which includes your fat loss program.

Don’t get me wrong and think I’m being “Mr. Softy” here!!!

Having the discipline and motivation to create a plan-of-attach and stick to it is extremely important!  If your fitness goals include losing body fat, as I’m sure it does…making these positive changes is a step in the right direction. Just know that it’s possible to do it in a balanced way, rather than deadbolting your frig and super-glueing your mouth shut.


Stay AWARE.  Every time before you eat or drink something, ask yourself if that action will support your fat loss goals.

Will eating that Chicago Dog at Chase Field during the D-Backs game support your fat loss goal? No, but will it destroy your diet altogether? Mmmm…probably not.

Listen, there are no “rights or wrongs”. Sometimes you’ll make the decision to splurge on the dog. Sometimes you’ll decide that you really don’t need it and will instead eat the turkey jerky you brought with you. (Your secret is safe with me).

The difference will be that YOU are the one making the decision. Not some “guru” that says you have to this or that to get results.  Results can be had with balance.  Maybe not as much or as quickly, but they can still be had.

You’ve most likely heard or read that I’m all for keeping to 90% adherence. So, for example purposes, let’s say you have 4 meals scheduled per day each day of the week. That means you have 28 meals to eat perfectly.  And by perfectly, I’m talking about meals with a balance of lean proteins, fibrous carbohydrates and essential fats.

So, if we take that 28 and multiply it times the 10% “wiggle room” factor I just mentioned, we’re left with 2.8 (let’s just call it three) “wiggle room” meals per week.

BUT… What often happens is that people assume that means 3 “Let’s see how much food I can stuff myself with” meals. Basically, an eat whatever and however much I want type meal.

Ah, ah, ah…hold it right there my little grasshopper!

That will have MAJOR repercussions on your fat loss.  Or should I say, lack thereof.

So, yes, we can all get fat loss results with “balance”…but there’s a fine line between one persons definition and the next. If you stick with the 90% adherence rule of thumb…you’ll no doubt make consistent progress towards your goals.  All without feeling deprived or having to do crazy things in order to get fat loss results.

My suggestion is to keep your 10% “wiggle” room meals to one day per week.  Enjoy them.  Savor every last morsel.  But make the remaining balance of your meals as they should be (lean proteins, fibrous carbs and healthy fats).  By indulging once per week on the foods you crave, you’ll know that you’re never more than a few days away from having something you’ve been craving and still be able to make continued progress.

Do you have a “Cheat” meal (1, 2 or 3) or a Cheat Day?  What kind of results have you seen?

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