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I Double Dog Dare YOU!

By Eric Gelder · July 22, 2011 · Category: Motivation Tags: , , , , .

boot-camp-road-blockYou’ve been there…we all have at one time or another. You start your fitness and nutrition program, you gain some momentum. You get excited! You start to see results and then BAM!

Road block.

It’s inevitable. Sometimes they’re external issues…BUT, most of the time these roadblocks are inside US. It’s like that little go-go hamster that has been running on its wheel inside your brain just stops and takes a coffee break. Like no matter what we do, we can’t move on to the next level.

Sometimes we can pretty easily psyche ourselves out of really digging in and getting started. We set up mental obstacles that keep us from just buckling down and taking MASSIVE action towards our fitness.

…I’ll never get tself-sabotagehat lean!

…No way I can lose my belly fat!

…I can’t exercise every day!

That’s what’s called Self-Sabotage!

And EVERY single one of us does it from time to time. You figure that all the fitness models, Olympic athletes, successful business  owners, movie stars, etc are all just the lucky ones…that they’ve never experienced self doubt? They’re just that “magically special” and different from you and me? Wrong-O.

It’s not that these successful individuals never encounter roadblocks – it’s just that they have figured out how to GO AROUND them. People who become successful have their own personal methods for breaking through those tough times.

Some use inspirational quotes (“There’s nothing to fear but fear itself!”) type stuff, or posters of kitty cats hanging from trees saying, “Hang in there!” 🙂

For me, if I have a hurdle I just can’t seem to get past….I DARE myself to do it. Even though I’m just talking to myself, MAN…it gets me laser focused!

Are you wondering, “Eric, what the heck does this have to do with me and my fitness?!”

If you know that your destiny is to have the body you’ve always wanted and for whatever reason you haven’t yet got it….

Then what I’m saying here has got EVERYTHING to do with you and your fitness. You clearly need a challenge, a dare, a patented Eric G. loving “SHOVE” in the right direction. So I think this post is going to be right up your alley.

Are boot-camp-dareyou willing to dare yourself and get out of your comfort zone long enough to make some permanent changes to your health and fitness?

Give yourself an edge.

My challenge to you: I DARE You to get not only get fit, but to make it a permanent lifestyle change. I sure know you can do it and I’m here to help you every step of the way…as much or as little as you need.

Leave a comment if you accept my DARE!

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