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Do You WANT It Bad Enough?

Have you planned your day out?Success and Consistency

How about your week?

If not, why not?

Seriously…it’s one of the reasons you’ll either continue to make progress with your fat loss or end up sitting idly by watching others achieve results week after week.

You know the saying…“Life Leaves Clues”.

Those clues are the ones you need to be writing down.  If it’s not written down, how do you really know what you did yesterday, last week…what about last month?  Knowing what you’ve done to get where you are is a valuable tool to guide you to the results you’re after.

If it’s just another “wing-it” week…I can pretty much guarantee you it’s not going to be up to par each day.  And we all know that in order to see consistent fat loss, you have to string together one successful day after another.  No secret there.  Remember this…

”Being in shape and having the body you want ALWAYS requires sacrifice.”

There is no easy way to the body you want.  It takes planning, sacrifice, and a consistent approach.  Just like anything else you want in life, there’s going to be things you have to sacrifice in order to get them.  In order to consistently drop body fat and increase your metabolism, you’re going to have to be compliant with your metabolic resistance exercise and your fat loss nutrition at least 90% of the time.

These are the important items you need to be focusing on… <<<< = = = = = = = =

  • Daily exercise
  • Avoiding processed foods
  • Avoiding alcohol
  • Eating protein with each meal
  • Eating vegetables with each meal
  • Drinking 8-16oz of water with (and in between) each meal
  • Planning your day ahead of time

If there were an “easy pill”…believe me, I’d be taking it along with the rest of the world. BUT, there’s not.

Get your goals on paper…plan out your day…and follow through consistently.

eating-signYes, it’s a subject I’m fond of…CONSISTENCY!

And it’s for good reason.

For the simple fact that…

”If you don’t exercise more days than not during the week, your results will be nil”.

I can’t get much clearer than that.  You either put your time in consistently or you don’t and you either achieve results or you won’t.



Taking that into consideration…here are a couple weekend workouts for you.


20 seconds all out effort / 10 seconds complete rest….performed for 8 rounds or 4 minutes of each exercise.

  • Jumping Jacks
  • Mountain Climbers
  • RIP (running in place – high knees)

Get a clock with a second hand or digital seconds display and let it fly.  All out for 20 seconds before resting 10 seconds and repeating for 8 rounds. Perform only one exercise at a time for all 8 rounds, then move on to the next exercise, then the next.

“Red Rover”…a.k.a. Laddersred-rover-cartoon

Where: Football field or a big park

  • Run 5 yards and back – 20 lunges per leg
  • Run 10 yards and back – 19 lunges per leg
  • Run 15 yards and back – 18 lunges per leg
  • …20 yards and back – 17 lunges
  • …25 yards and back – 16 lunges
  • …etc

Increase run distance by 5 yards each time and decrease lunges by one per leg until you’ve completed 20 rounds, which is 100 yards or the length of a football field.

Make sure you lather up with SPF 30+ and bring WATER!

Come back here or head over to Facebook and post your total time from “Red Rover”!!!!!!!!

Enjoy your July 4th Weekend and be sure to leave a comment and “Like” it!

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