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3 Million Can’t Be Wrong

By Eric Gelder · June 16, 2011 · Category: Motivation Tags: , , , .

I receive a ton of questions daily and believe it or not the questions are always about food choices and what types of exercise are best to achieve awesome fat loss results.  However, when we get past the exercise portion and set up a healthy nutrition plan, it always comes back to Goals and Mindset.

One thing that’s always intrigued me about people that achieve success, no matter what adversity they’ve overcome, no matter what big goals they’ve achieved, is their mindset. More specifically, I wonder what sets them apart from other people who never accomplish big goals they’ve set up for themselves.

Well, did you know there’s actually a company that’s gathered data from well over 3 million people over the last 20+ years? That company has found there to be three attributes that help to figure out success rates among individuals.

The three attributes are as follows…

#1  – A Positive Self-Image

#2 – Competitiveness

#3  – Discipline

Apparently, those that score high on all three of those attributes have an 87% rate of success at achieving their goals! The success rate was far less for the people who scored lower.

Is there anything YOU can do now to achieve some of your goals to help you be successful?

Apply these three attributes to your life!

Start implementing these daily.

The key to developing habits is – daily repetition – AND lets not forget about encompassing yourself with people who have the same or similar goals, and people whose achievements and beliefs are identical to yours.  I can’t emphasize how HUGE social support is for accomplishing goals.

I’m positive I would not be where I am today if it weren’t for my willingness to be a part of support groups.

It’s my belief that having a foundation of social support produces not only a positive self image but a strong sense of competition and discipline. By encircling yourself with “action” oriented individuals who are after the same goals as you, there’s no question you’re going to naturally become better. This will only help you to be inspired. Even on days when being inspired is tough, you’re going to be pulled along by your circle of support.

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